5 mistakes you should avoid when learning to play guitar

1. Self-learning To Play The Guitar. Many people try hard to learn how to play the guitar themselves. Well, it’s true that some really (maybe) study it on them own, but I don’t think following that way is a good idea, even if your favorite guitarist learnt himself. Maybe you are totally capable if building an effective training strategy by yourself and that’s absolutely great. However, like I said, it’s not likely that everyone has the gift inside them. Most of us cannot do it alone because it is simply so hard, time-consuming and stressful. Some people even proudly claim that they are self taught players, thinking it is a way to impress others but they are wrong. You SHOULD NOT make the same mistake. Let’s just say, which one do you prefer? A nonsense statement about your guitar training or a performance that shows off your guitar skill? Honestly, I don’t find anything good about self taught, but I’m not criticizing anyone, please understand. It just appears to me that any lessons need a teacher, even playing the guitar. There are many skills and tips that we only can learn from the master.

2. Taking Guitar Lessons From Ineffective Guitar Teachers. Unfortunately, most electric guitar learner receive no guitar skill from their teachers. Even worse, the vast majority of teachers show little or no interest in improving their guitar teaching skills. This is real guys, you can read it online. Well of course some highly effective electric guitar teachers exist and keep teaching, but still there are a number of ineffective teachers. This sounds like you spend a bunch of money hiring someone to teach you but end up learning it yourself and this just won’t work.

3. Looking For New Guitar Info (tricks, tips) Without A Verified Strategy To Reach Your Specific Goals.  Yes, it’s true that we’ve got to have information, help, advice to play music. But without a specific “verified” strategy, you will mess up in anytime. That’s the first thing to do, set up or look for a proven strategy, which is relevant and suitable for you skill level, your style. After following it for quite sometimes, that you have got used to practicing according to a specific schedule, now it’s the time to learn the right info.
4. Unsure About What You Really Want To Play. A vast majority of guitar players know little about what they’d like to be able to do with their guitar. Imagine, if you yourself don’t know then how are you gonna figure out your training schedule? How would your teacher be able to teach you the specific skills required if you don’t have a specific idea? Sure there are basic things that help you to get better in general, and common strategies that allow you to gain more knowledge and skills, but they are not specialized enough. Not to mention this will take much more time for you to success and reach your goals, as well as the training may brings you frustration sometimes because of its ineffectiveness.

5. Not Focus Enough On What Matter Most To Make You A Better Guitarist. I’m sure you all have been here a few times: practice so hard but not really pay attention to what skills or lessons that can speed up your progress. Because you really do not understand and apply this concept correctly. Some teacher will neglect the core of the lesson they are teaching: what plays the most important job. This result in many students making their progress slowly and frustratedly, some even quit their study. So, make sure you get to know what is the main problem of your lesson and master them, before going any further.