Should You Be Buying Cheap Baby Car Seats for Your Kids?

As soon as you feel like you need another member in the family, the first thing that may come into your mind is to look into cheap baby car seats for your little one. This is one of the most important things for you to look into if you are planning to have a baby. Aside from the usual things that you would want to buy for child, you must keep in mind the safety of the child especially when you are bringing the child back home from the hospital.

As mandated by law, it is not only recommended but also required by the law to have these car seats installed for those who are travelling with their babies in a car. However, if you already have a bunch of kids in the family and you feel like your car seats will not be able to accommodate as much you might want to get access to cheap baby car seats so you can bring safety to your kids when you travel.

Graco Stroller Combo
You may find a variety of car seats available in the market today and your goal is to find cheap infant car seats that are right for your new born babies. You don’t want to settle for seats that are of less value than what you expect but ones that will allow you to maximize its functionality until you will have to opt for an upgrade to booster seats when the child grows older. Well, if you are looking for a more economical option, you can look for cheap convertible car seats instead.



When choosing a helmet you have to take into account five criteria, in the correct order: safety, fit, comfort, functionality and design. Also, plays often the price, and this is usually the sixth criterion for customers. This criterion is often overstated or misjudged. Imagine that you buy a helmet three hundred euros and can wear it for five years. That’s three hundred euros divided by 260 days, i.e., 1.15 euros per week. Well invested money for your safety on the best modular helmet

  • 1 = full face helmet
  • 2 = folding helmet
  • 3 = cross helmet
  • 4 = jet helmet



Do you know how to stop wandering guitar shop but not choosing anything? I know. And I say, before and after buying a guitar, you need to consider these:

From the age of 6 to 10, if your child wants to play guitar, I recommend you to buy him or her a guitar with nylon string. A classical guitar, of course. Steel strings would be tougher on his fingers than nylon strings, so they would not be very suitable for kids. Guitar has size of 1/2 and ¾, so it depends on your child’s size to buy his size of guitar.

Starting out
Yup, you can always go to the shop later and ask if they  can nicely give you some new strings for  an old guitar of yours and that would be just fine. Have some guitar lessons for weeks, or months, because you need time to reflex yourself: Do you really want to do this? Until you are 100% sure, then you can now spend money on a brand new acoustic guitar with steel strings or an electric guitar if you like.



Remember when car stereo cassette player came with? Not much of it does, but like everything else, time has left behind; which came after the pair could play CDs and cassettes, were gradually disappearing from the horizon swallows these industrial belts (no one person I know to your stereo not leave without your favorite tape).

The CD, although still in force and has been the king during a more than a decade, but begins to be displaced by USB sticks or type iPod devices, we see that are starting to come out of the consoles – more and more brands show their computers and no slots for the CD, even in stereo Ford factory there will be no more slots, only the USB connector and 3.5mm jack or connected with the double-din stereo. View the best double-din stereo review

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Well, there are many articles talking about this problem but I found them not too clear about the body styles and the pickups, which are one of the most important criteria when looking for an electric guitar. Check this out if you don’t really know what body style suits you the most or what type of pick up to choose.

electronic guitars


Based on body type, guitars are divided into three main categories: hollow, semi-hollow and solid. Sure we know the clear distinctions of the three, but the biggest impact that is relevant to how each type of guitar will sound like. In general, most are suitable for any kind of music but some are designed especially for specific genres.

  • Hollow Body

The hollow body, just like its name: it is completely hollow inside, is the original design of electric guitars. The great Charlie Christian and Eddie DurhamHollow-bodied guitars have laid their handson the Gibson ES-150 in their jazz songs, even though it is also famous with folk, country, rock and roll musicians. The hollow body is very good at providing warm and mellow tones, so if you are looking for these, then this is the one for you. But don’t think hollow-bodied electric guitars can’t give raunchy and sweet distortion, in fact, they do that very well. So in conclusion, a proper hollow body guitar can help youto produce great classic blues or rock sound.

  • Solid Body

This is by far the most common body type in the world, and maybe the most iconic ever made. Solid-body guitars are designed to handle the widest range of tones, reduce feedback and increase sustain thanks to their construction. This style is like, born to play incrdebly well rock and alternative music. Howerver, even if you can’t make up your mind of what type of music you are going to play, it’s not likely that you will pick up the wrong one.

  • Semi-Hollow Body

Like a mix between hollow and solid body guitars, semi-hollows are made like this: hollow inside but still have a solid wood block running through the center of the body. This design achieves is meant to increase the sustain and reduced feedback of solid-bodied guitars, as well as retaine the mellow tones of hollow-bodied guitars. This is why semi-hollow guitars have become extremely popular with blues musicians such as Freddie King and Chuck Berry. The combination between mellow and sweet, crunchy and awesome sounds makes these kind of guitars become the king of classic sound.

2.     PICKUPS

The pickup is one of major fators that make produce the sound of the guitar. Simple explanation, it is a magnet that is wrapped around by a coil of wire which receives strings vibration and then transfers it into electrical signals that can be amplified as a sound at the end.

Normally, there are two main types of pickups: single coil and double coil (or humbicker).

Single coil pickups are made up of a single wire coil, representing the simplest form of pickup technology nowadays. Single coils brings about punchy, bright sound with the drawback that tends to make a lot of noises under the form of a hum.

The dual coil or humbucker, which is said to “buck the hum” common in single coil pickups. Like the name, it’s about two single coil pickups are set together to help a richer, more powerful tone that has no extra noise. While it is said to be the last choice of them all, since many players prefer the brighter, punchier tone that single coils bring back.


If you are planning to buy a guitar, especially an acoustic one, you probably have known clearly that no pedal or amplifier can cover your mistakes if you make them, unlike an electronic guitar.


Buying A Guitar

So, since you have made up your mind, I will be sharing some aspects you should be interested in if you don’t know what to look at. Feel free to check it out!


What you need, first and foremost, is to determine how much you are about to spend on this guitar. Put a limit that you will not cross, ever. You can think of such things like, you are gonna use it on what purpose. If just for practice, don’t buy an expensive one. In my opinion, performing would need more of a high-end acoustic guitar. Also, ask yourself which level you’re in. Amateurs and professionals’ options are different indeed. Thanks to manufacturers, a variety of guitars with different features and quality are always at your service. You may wanna do some research after making decision, so as to refer the proper prices you can afford, as well as see how people choose their guitar (just like what you’re doing now).

Style (Body style)

The style, for you and for me, is crucial. So, I think I don’t need to state how important this feature is, right? (Well I don’t even need to mention this and you guys have already looked at it, really).

Body style of a guitar varies all the times. Now, we have slim guitar, jumbo guitar, half-sized guitar,… The sound hole, the waste must align at the fretchboad, protected by a plastic pick guard. In general, they say the larger the soundboard, the deeper and larger the sound. They divide them into different groups, with the name telling it all: Concert and Grand Concert / Auditorium and Grand Auditorium / Jumbo / Dreadnought / Travel and Mini-Acoustics.

The strings, either nylon or steel, are mounted properly to the body at the bridge. Nylon is easier with hands, with softer tone, often used in flamenco classic guitars. However, modern acoustic guitars prefer steel strings because they give louder and brighter tone. Country musician, even rock player like them better.

Lastly, the tonewoods also decide how the outcome would be. There are too many of them that I decide not to mention them all here, only common ones. “Cedar” , a soft wood that gives a bright tone. It requires only a decent playing technique, that’s why it is usually used as top wood for classical or flamenco guitars, of sides and backs. Granadillo” is a scarce wood, kind of type of rosewood but denser. Traditionally, it is used to make sides and backs of acoustic guitars because its ability to produce clear and ringing tone, especially in marimba bars. “Maple” is also used for sides and backs, because of its low response rate and internal damping that produces a “dry” sound that emphasizes high-end tones. Its lower resonance makes it great for live sessions, even with a mix of instruments. Bands love maple for sure.

YOUR Preference

However, make sure you choose a guitar that fits your preference. It shoudn’t be too big for your hands or your body. Can you swing your hands freely when holding it, or struggling to pull the finger board? Can you transition smoothly between chords? Especially, do you feel comfortable holding it in your arms? Choosing a guitar is for you, not anyone else, so do not please anyone by purchasing a guitar that you-don’t-really-like, thinking it would be fine. It won’t, okay?