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Do you know how to stop wandering guitar shop but not choosing anything? I know. And I say, before and after buying a guitar, you need to consider these:

From the age of 6 to 10, if your child wants to play guitar, I recommend you to buy him or her a guitar with nylon string. A classical guitar, of course. Steel strings would be tougher on his fingers than nylon strings, so they would not be very suitable for kids. Guitar has size of 1/2 and ¾, so it depends on your child’s size to buy his size of guitar.

Starting out
Yup, you can always go to the shop later and ask if they  can nicely give you some new strings for  an old guitar of yours and that would be just fine. Have some guitar lessons for weeks, or months, because you need time to reflex yourself: Do you really want to do this? Until you are 100% sure, then you can now spend money on a brand new acoustic guitar with steel strings or an electric guitar if you like.

Choose what you like
When you go for shopping, remember that you’re doing this for you. So don’t listen to all the things the salesman says. You know what guitar looks and sounds the best for you. You know which one is the most comfortable to hold in your arm. You know what should be yours. So listen to your heart babe.

Try out
Don’t be lazy and stop at just one store. Visit different guitar shops, spend a little time there to feel the products and see if any of them suits your taste. Don’t stay at one play and don’t buy right away. But do feel and listen to the difference. This will help your choice to be more subjective. Decision made right away often left you regrets.

Each type of guitar has its own pros and cons.

With nylon strings, a classical guitar makes us feel easier on the fingers. It also has a thicker neck than an acoustic or an electric guitar which is great for big hands. A classical guitar has got a thicker neck than an electric or a steel string guitar. It does not get along well with small hands too.

A classic guitar doesn’t require an amplification, it is a total package. Its own body is an amp itself. The sound made even manage to be good without hassle. But you will have difficulty learning to play this instrument, even harder than you learn to play an electric guitar. But trust me, it is worthy.

When you purchase an electric guitar, you would have to spend some of your money on the extras, such as amp,  cables and pedals.

Famous brands

For electric guitar, I will recommend some brands:

If you want to play rock, pop and blues, try Fender and Gibson. Ernie ball – Music man or Washburn also has a thing for rock. And if you’re a heavy metal fan, try ESP.

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