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When it comes to small-scale scrapes, there are products on the market that can help us solve the damage without resorting to workshops, parts and insurance.

In specialized stores we can find markers and microbrushes with the same color of our car. They do not last forever, but for a time leave the car as new.

The Stickerfix strips are applied in less than a minute and last for about six years.

Minor scratches, scrapes and scratches detract from our car to anything that we set ourselves and, unfortunately, sometimes “come” to the second day of the premiere.

However, there is more or less home for repair without resorting to workshops, insurance and parts solutions. However, they should be quite superficial damage, otherwise require skill and craft to secure a job well done and finish detracts not leaving the “broken worse than disjointed”. In such cases, better to go to professional hands.

Together, we can define a slight scratch as if it only affects the varnish or lacquer without affecting the paint. They are common for the habitual use of the vehicle, as we approach the hands with rings and bracelets on your hands, with keys … also produce branches and road splash, as the gravel. Sometimes a good cleaning (clean well with warm water) without sun exposure, followed by an effective drying and polishing and / or waxing can camouflage.

There are also scratch repair kits sold by manufacturers themselves in their official after-sales services and workshops. Usually comprise boats with a brush applicator paint and lacquer. Also there in specialized stores codes with the same tone of our vehicle, although it should be clear that the more years will have it more difficult to match colors.

All well and dry clean …To apply one of these kits must be thoroughly clean and dry the area we will try, never in the sun. It is also a good idea to define the area to be treated with masking tape.

We will follow the product instructions to the letter, applying a first coat of paint and let it dry and then proceed with lacquer.

Once dry it all, the area with a microfiber cloth and apply specific polish to remove debris left everything matched.

As a remedy even easier, there is a type of marker that allows to disguise minor scratches. Its application is similar, requiring perfectly clean leave the area before passing them. Again, they do not last forever, even the best scratch remover for cars, but for ease of use allow repeated use. Click here to find more best scratch remover for cars

How to repair and remove scratches car?

I admit it. You have also met someone who has tried to remove the scratch of a car with his own saliva. All understand. It is one of the worst sounds that exist, nastier than forcing chalk on a blackboard, and we hear from time to time in garages, parking lots of supermarkets or in the same street. Today, in amovens we gather some tips to make them front.

Depending on the severity of the scratch

A car has four main layers: the transparent color, the base and steel. The micro scratches usually caused by not washing and drying the vehicle properly, can be removed with a good polishing.

Mild are those who have come as much to the transparent layer or color. To put it another way, it is when you notice a slight jump past the nail, due to slight friction of keys, rings, bushes and other objects. Opting for an electric sander is the ideal solution here.

Serious is when you can see another color or steel in the car and are the most difficult to repair if not by a specialist workshop. To hide them, some brands sell repair kits scratches and although most can not be avoided, it should increase caution at the wheel when there are columns, stones or other vehicles involved.

Manual for ordinary scratches

The first thing to repair a scratch is not very serious wash and dry the area well. Then, get a touch-up paint brush with color code your car. Apply and wait a few hours. Lija scratch (if possible with sandpaper roughness 2000) following the same direction spraying water regularly. This will return the volume before the incident, but remove brightness to the area. For that, you need a good polish and once this is done, apply wax (synthetic or manual) to protect and seal the paint.


Soak up the manuals to repair and remove scratches car, studying fine products on the market that promise quick fixes and do not expect much to find a solution, because how much longer the surface to be repaired, May is the risk of formation oxide and more difficult repair job is done.

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