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Here are some reasons for you to learn guitar, feel free to check out.

  1. It’s portable, we can play it as we like.It’s obvious, like you can’t drag a piano to a party. But a guitar will do. That you have a guitar, and you know how to play it means you can bring along music with you to anywhere on earth.
  2. You can play guitar individually, dually or with a group of players. Different from drum, you are able to play alone, play in pair and all, it depends on you. With or without vocals accompanying, it’s okay. Not many instruments have that ability.
  3. It’s awesome.From acoustic to electric and every variety therein, everybody admits that guitars are cool. We look amazing and artistic with a guitar strapped to our body, right?
  4. It’s a great way to be creative. I heard people saying, “we can’t use up our creativity, the more we use, the more you have”. So why don’t you spend yours in music?
  5. All guitarists are sexy.Well, whoever don’t drool for someone holding a guitar, tuning and play just some random notes? Who don’t?
  6. You can show off at parties.You are trying to impress someone at the party you’re in? Or you want to draw everyone’s attention back to you? Either way, all you need to do is to go up there, drop a couple beats and I’m sure, everyone has already fallen for you beautiful tunes.
  7. It’s a good emotional release.Does singing along to your favorite song feels good to you? Playing it is even BETTER. You may not experience it before but trust me once you do, it will be your best emotional outlet.
  8. It’s quite easy to learn to play simple songs, which makes you feel a sense of victory right away.You don’t need to know how to read music to be able to play chords. Yeah, don’t misunderstand this, you still have to learn more to master this instrument but for the time being, those popular songs are very near.
  9. It’s a confidence booster.The process of learning to play a song lasts only for a day. Do you know other things that can be done with the same efficiency? Well… let’s say we couldn’t find anything so we’re saying guitar is our best shot, our ultimate confidence booster.
  10. It helps to sharpen your brain by learning new things.The best thing of an instrument is that you can never get enough of it, you always crave for more. New chords, new songs and tunes, new strumming patterns lure you in as they do all the times. And they have you challenge yourself more and more.
  11. Hearing music triggers the release of dopamine.Music makes your brain produce dopamine – things called ‘feel-good chemicals’. As listening to music “triggers” the release of dopamine in the brain, don’t hesitate to serve yourself some. Do that often.


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