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Once you have mastered those solo rock lessons, you will see that almost every guitar solo you meet has the same licks. In fact, if you notice the notes you are playing, you may get to see that those lead guitar notes are basically already in the underlying chords. Which means, now you can write or progress your own solo in a very simple way, just by taking advantage of those common licks, at the same time you focus on the scales to find notes that form the song’s key. This should be easy because you will find everything you need in the backing chords.

I myself learned all of the basic guitar techniques and theory I use, no one has ever tutored me. I never have a guitar teacher. Indeed, the music theory is highly important. When I took up acoustic guitar lessons, it’s music theory that helps me to understand the content. I have to listen attentively, playing by ear, then applying all the things I learnt onto the music sheets and I have come up very quickly. Like I was able to simplify the lessons. Lead guitar lessons and the common lead guitar licks appear to be easier.

How can I improve as a guitarist?

Be sure to name any note on your fret board instinctively and automatically, think about them as much as possible, even better when you play them. Guitar will make total sense to you if you simply think about the names of the notes you are producing as the notes you see in the chords. Other people, especially your music teacher or other musicians will probably make you believe that it is much more sophisticated than that, but from where I see, solos are not hard at all.

Learn How To Play Guitar Solos EASY !!!

You will find out that many common licks are played over and over in guitar solo parts.

Such as, resolving the guitar lick to the root note of the backing chord, I think you have heard it somewhere before.

Just find and learn those used in blues or rock solo, they are very handy.

How can I figure out guitar solos by ear?

Well the best I can do is to tell you about me. The first thing I do is to know the chords of the song, so as to figure out basically what I am about to play. To do this, the easiest to try is to search for a bass note, or any guitar note that is prominent I hear coming through. The purpose is to be 100% in tune to the recording. After that, other lead notes are easier to reveal themselves. I hold a steady note, or a chord for a few seconds, as well as play along the note with the recording to tune more exactly. And I repeat that task until everything is perfectly tuned and refined. I hope this would be useful to you guys.

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