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Sleep well during pregnancy can be challenging for many women. Back pain, heartburn, your baby’s movements and size of the casing are some of the causes that most pregnant women suffer from sleep disorders during pregnancy. To get better sleep is recommended, as advised then adopt positions that favor sleep pregnant and use the pillow as an ally to reduce discomfort.

Why pregnant suffer sleep disorders?

The Institute for Sleep Research suggests that frequent sleep problems experienced by pregnant women are due to some of the hormonal and physical changes that occur during pregnancy, such as increased urinary frequency, heartburn, muscle aches and fetal movement.

Also, sleep disorders increase as pregnancy progresses. The increased volume of the gut and the changes that occur in the body become increasingly difficult to find a comfortable position to help sleep.

Postures that promote sleep for pregnant

The pregnant woman needs to adapt its position in bed to the changes in your body

Side, face up, face down. Each person has their particular form of sleep, but in the case of pregnant women, choose to sleep posture is not a matter of taste, but rather to adapt to their “new forms”.

78% of women presented more disturbed sleep during pregnancy than at any other time in his life, according to a survey in the US. UU. By the National Sleep Foundation (NSF, for its acronym in English) in 1998. In Spain, research ‘Sleep disorders during pregnancy’, conducted by a team of midwives of the Hospital Virgen de la Luz, Cuenca It reveals that more than 86% of Spanish pregnant undergoes changes in the quality of your bed since her pregnancy begins.

Also, experts point out that each pregnancy has a proper sleeping posture; sometimes there are positions that can harm the woman or the fetus, depending on what stage of gestation the mother is found.

Sleeping on your stomach: this approach involves no risk to the mother or baby. But it can be quite uncomfortable for the woman when her pregnancy is already advanced; so it is likely that she decided, naturally, take another position.

Sleeping on your back: this post is not contraindicated in pregnancy, but you should avoid it during the last period of gestation, to prevent the full weight of the uterus falls on the inferior vena cava, which is the one that carries blood from the lower extremities to the heart. If this vein is compressed frequently, women may experience dizziness, respiratory and digestive problems and develop what is called supine hypotension syndrome.

Sleep on your side: this position keeps the uterus away from the inferior vena cava and facilitates blood circulation; therefore, it is recommended for pregnant women. Specialists also advised sleeping on his left side because that it also prevents uterine weight falls on the liver. Also, you can use best pregnancy body pillow to sleep pregnant even more restful.

What is the best position to sleep in pregnancy?

Sleep lately has become an ordeal me, because I can not find a comfortable position. In the search for that desired body position for my tummy I armed with pillows.

As I was reading the best way to fall into the arms of Morpheus is lying on the left side (for medical reasons) keeping in the same direction and angle shoulders and hips to keep relaxed the muscles of the spine.

To achieve this, lying on the left side a pillow of sufficient thickness is placed between the knees, flexing the leg that is on the pillow. It is also putting a small pillow under the belly lift the uterus preventing loosening of the ligaments of the same that generate discomfort. Many moms sleep by putting a third pad on your chest to also keep your shoulders relaxed. Because pillows can dislodge, you can use a roll of oilcloth, placed between the knees and passing under the belly, reaches the breast and then the functions of three pillows.

By following these tips you can probably sleep better, and if you found another comfortable position we wish we’d stop a comment. Many bodies will thank (including mine).

The pillow as an ally of the mother

Pregnant can use pillows to make the sleep. As the pregnancy progresses, increased uterine weight often causes pain in the back and pelvis of the mother. To be more comfortable during sleep and avoid excessive pressure on these areas, it is advisable to sleep on their side.

The cheapest option is to opt for a standard pillow, which on at home, and place it between your legs (with knees bent) below the belly to support its weight; or behind the back, to act as support.

The alternative is to acquire some of the so-called maternity pillows. These particular pads have different shapes and sizes, depending on the discomfort that is intended to mitigate.

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