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What are the types of tactical flashlight batteries?

Conventional batteries

The conventional batteries are not rechargeable; they are like the tradition batteries. And one more thing is they are neither ecological nor practical in the modern days.

Rechargeable batteries

About the rechargeable batteries, there are a lot to mention. We all know the “classic” rechargeable battery is NI-mH. In many cases, it is useful due to it standard quality AA or AAA, which you can find almost everywhere in every pin.

However, for the record, the Ni-mH battery reduces its quality by time and of course causing depending on your rechargeable batteries.

Li-ion batteries

Li-ion batteries are made of Lithium component, which is used widely for making the battery in cellphone these days because of its stable source of energy.

The li-on battery needs no charge memory, and you do not need to recharge as well. The source of Li-ion battery is very stable, and it provides long-term of using instead of charging before every using time.

Large energy reserve

To recommend, I prefer the 18650 format which is are common. You’ll be surprised by the size, but you will get used to it quickly. The level autonomy, this depends on your flashlight. It equips you with a precise charger. And be amazed, the price is totally reasonable, they usually cost around 30 Euros, which is such a perfect investment.

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The light system

Light Output

Power is always the first criteria to focus on when choosing a tactical flashlight. However, the powers of lumens express in many different ways which are hard for the users to follow. The only advice that I can give you about this is to compare the values of this brand to each other. Do not engage your choice to any type or any brand of powers, comparing helps you to find out which one is the best suit you and your need. Where the powers relate to the brightness or the color beam or not should also be taken into account.

Beam type, scope and the use

The beam type is divided into the spot and the spill. The spot takes to charge the central part of the beam while the spill takes to charge the light around the beam which is much fainter.

It is obvious that a lamp with a narrow beam can help the further vision than the wide beam even that tactical flashlight has the higher power.

When comparing the spot and the spill, this contrast between the two components is very important. The contrast between the two gives us the best vision and spit which can focus directly on the aimed subject. And the main purpose of the tactical flashlight is to position the opponent and for self-defense by taking advantages of the flashlights. That is why it must provide the strong focused light to freeze the attacker and also give light (spill light) for users to see and recognize surroundings.
Tricks: using a front or Zebra tube is recommended. If a tight beam gets your interest, then go search for mammals and nocturnal raptors to get more about the science things.

Notice: keep in mind that the beam has no relation to the power because it does not present based on it and the brightness of a picture is formed by the shooting parameters instead of the power of the shooting machine.

Color beam

It is fancy to know that the wildlife is usually pleasant with warm colors such as yellow, orange. While the led leads the feeling of green light lights or cool shades. Though neither of these bothers, many tactical flashlights prefer using led lights than using the old yellow light.

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