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Remember when car stereo cassette player came with? Not much of it does, but like everything else, time has left behind; which came after the pair could play CDs and cassettes, were gradually disappearing from the horizon swallows these industrial belts (no one person I know to your stereo not leave without your favorite tape).

The CD, although still in force and has been the king during a more than a decade, but begins to be displaced by USB sticks or type iPod devices, we see that are starting to come out of the consoles – more and more brands show their computers and no slots for the CD, even in stereo Ford factory there will be no more slots, only the USB connector and 3.5mm jack or connected with the double-din stereo. View the best double-din stereo review

This brief introduction comes to mind because every day we have more variety of brands (Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood, Soundstream, etc.), equipment and functions as a stereo refers, which hinders us when buying that will be our companion in these times of heavy traffic; Well, there are several things we must take into account even before we have a predilection for any make or model of stereo.

First, the space to install the stereo is 1 or double din? What does this mean? It is very easy radio 1 Din mide6 centimeters high, apparently double Din mide12 centimeters; it is likely that your car has a double space Din, in this case you can install another computer on the same extent or other one-Din with the help of a “front” which is an easy accessory to get, however, if your stereo is 1 Din is unlikely that you install a double din as they do not have the space to do so.

Second, what the media think to reproduce? This may be one of the main reasons to buy or not a stereo; your favorite music has stored In an Ipod? A generic mp3 player? On your hard drive and you transfer on a USB? In the ever faithful CDs? Or all of the above? It is a detail that you have to pay the closest possible attention, because if you buy a stereo, and this has no way to connect to your USB memory What Will You Do?

Well, you should pay attention to details as important as the fact that it has support for an iPod but not for your mp3 player of another brand, which is connected via USB or … a 3.5mm? This it is that much profit will be you shall bring forth to your computer, in this case with all the options there frankly are the best options, because nobody guarantees that you always have an iPod or CDs which you’ll use.

We will spread a bit in this section, beginning with those letters that are almost a fact that we find in a CD / MP3 / WMA stereo, but for many this is well known there are those who are unfamiliar, well, CD is the traditional format CDs, which do not fit more than 20 songs on disc, MP3 and WMA are audio compression methods by which a drive can hold dozens of songs.

What benefit me to have USB stereo? We begin by saying that this was created in an effort of companies such as Digital Equipment Corporation, NEC, Compaq, Intel, Northern Telecom, Microsoft and IBM when he ran in 1996, the reason for creating the Serial USB Universal Bus or was simple, create a standardized method for computers may have a greater number of connected peripheral way, which, ultimately unleashed endless these additions, one, USB flash drives, which gave us the ability to convey information in a more safely and reliably from one computer to another, today we can store lots of music and videos on them and thus bring them to our stereos, in some cases, stereos have the ability to play music stored on portable hard drives thanks to USB.

“Auxiliary input” continually see this in stereo, but how to respect? Here are several options, starting with the most used of all, is an audio port which comes in con 3.5 connector which can transfer music from an MP3 player to our team format. Also through RCA inputs, you can transfer audio and video to our team

iPod, in this case, there is not much to explain, if you have a device of this type; all you have to check is whether the stereo is only able to play audio or video or you can also “control” the iPod / iPhone, you must also pay attention to the words “requires cable or xxx interface” because it indicates that besides buy the stereo will have to buy another attachment, which can get you out of balance in your budget.

Bluetooth, this is a way to transfer data wirelessly, which has evolved in an impressive way,

You should check that the stereo can be compatible with this technology to make or receive calls, as well as to transfer the music you have stored on your phone, in this case, you should also pay attention to the words “required … ..” which as already indicated, it means you have to buy another attachment.

“SD”, stereos that have the option to use SD card types are not as common, however any, memory cards in SD format are similar to USB, are used to store information devices, in this case, they are mostly used for cameras, cell phones and mobile devices to store photos, videos or music, in this instance, there’s not much more to say, you can only be found SD cards with capacities up to 32 GB.

Third, pay attention to the type of audio outputs that handles the device that we acquire this for the simple reason that some devices only managed via RCA, which to also acquire have to think of amplifiers, and the outputs of this type they are “silent”, so, even putting an adapter does not get any sound from your speakers if you do not connect to a source, when buying revises this point is critical, because if what you want is just to install a stereo with a pair of speakers have to find one output “high”, which is nothing other than one that has positive and negative cables for each output (front / back and left / right).

I always recommend installing an amplifier, this because most of the damage that can receive a speaker comes from the lack of power since the distortion caused a stereo, for this reason, remove them half-life, always opt for install an authority to grant more power than required by the speakers for these last us longer.

Fourth, do I want to play only music? My stereo I want to display? Do I prefer to install a DVD and screens on separate computers? Well, this decision is personal, there DVD’so stereos that play videos on a small screen de3.5 inches and which can connect them with additional monitors in the back of your car and there are also screens to de7 “, some even are “touchscreen” which means they are controlled by touching or sliding finger their screens, there are fixed screens, manual, motorized or removable, variety is so great that soon you will see an entry in this blog about it, but if I want to say that the use of video players while driving is a matter of responsibility, not something to take lightly, try not to manipulate your computer while you circulate and definitely pay attention to the road before your screen.

Fifth, always buys in places that you offer collateral, leave this until the last because once we decided that we buy equipment, but before paying, we must ask What guarantee do you offer me? I think most brands on the market have good quality, but even stereo best brands may be flawed, either by an error in manufacturing or poor transportation thereof, protects your investment and turn your purchase a pleasure and not martyrdom

Make sure that your installation is done in the best way because the quality of the audio equipment is affected even by a ground wire misplaced or poorly insulated. This could happen if you do not come with a professional installer

I hope this guide will be useful when making your next purchase

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