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You can buy a cheap fan ceiling, and that also has some features that make it more useful. We are sure that you will be willing to pay a little more to enjoy features like:

  • Adjustable Speed: Most ceiling fans can operate at different speeds, may allow 3 or more different speeds.
  • The direction of rotation: the best ceiling fans operate in the normal sense in the summer and in the reverse direction to be used in winter to eliminate pockets of cold air in the room. This is a feature that few people know that many fans do not offer.
  • Remote control: especially useful when you are comfortably seated or lying and want to turn on or off or change the fan speed thereof.
  • Power: When you go to buy a ceiling fan calculates how tall the room in which you’re going to place, or if you’re going to put on the outside, as each fan model has a power that limits the size of the room which it has been designed.

  • The material of blades: blades are usually made of wood, plastic or metal. The wooden, they are easier to match the decor, have a problem if they are located in places where there is heat or humidity such as the kitchen, bathroom or outdoors. In such conditions, the wood may warp or damaged. On the other hand, the plastic blades are more durable but very classically decorated environments can clash. Finally, the metal blades are easier to clean, more durable thanks to their strength.
  • Noise: Find a quiet fan, especially when you use it at a certain speed.


Surely you’ve heard of energy efficiency when you buy a washing machine or refrigerator, the same is true when buying a ceiling fan, you should look for one that will save you money on your electricity bills.

Looks a fan that has an expenditure of 60 watts or less, this does not include the lights, so that the total expenditure of the fan is not fire, taking into account the voltage of the lights you should use, and as your means buy light bulbs.

What is the best ceiling fans for bedrooms 2016 recommended by toolhomeinsight.com?

Having the best ceiling fan can allow you not only have a cooler environment, but they are also useful to circulate the air and thus avoid odors.

Lighthouse Lighting Lantau

If you need a device that cools during good weather but also can be used during the winter to improve the performance of your heating system, this model can be an excellent choice as it is considered by many users as the best fan Ceiling present.

Lighthouse Lighting Lantau is powerful enough to cool a stay of 17 m2 and even larger machine. It has 3-speed settings that according to the need of the moment and also works in reverse for use during the cold season.


Adjustable: this is very important in this type of equipment especially in areas where the weather varies a lot and do not always need a great power. It has 3 speeds (90, 140 and 180 rpm respectively). The inverse function will be the perfect ally of your heating system during the winter.

Silent: another of the most important features when it comes to purchasing a ceiling fan, because many tend to be noisy, but in this case, many users report that their engine is very quiet.

Materials: It is made of stainless steel and dark walnut wood, which makes it not only durable but also gives you a combination of city dwellers with rural that adapts to any environment.

Control has a remote control for easy operation. You no longer get off the couch to change the level of the fan when the temperature rises to noon.

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