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1. If you do not have enough money, how you can buy a good guitar while it costs up to hundreds of dollars? So how you can learn the guitar?

Compared on the sound quality, of course the cheap guitars can’t match the expensive guitar lines and reputable brands, but their sound have been designed to meet the standards for guitar beginners so that using this guitar does not affect your sound feelings. Thus, let’s click into to get the Best Guitar for Beginners like you!

Some cheap types of guitar but their sound is standard for guitar learners are:

Kapok guitar: This guitar line has rather cheap price and suitable to students with prices fluctuating around 50 USD with the classical guitar and modern guitar lines, varies about species for the guitar learners to choose.

This is the guitar perfectly suitable to the beginners of guitar learning with quite cheap prices and high quality.

Of course, if you have enough money, you ought to get the higher quality guitar lines such as: Suzuki Guitar, Takamine Guitars, Fender Guitars, or Yamaha Guitar.
Since these are quite high-end guitar lines so their prices are fairly high but in return the quality is quite great and the guarantee is good.

You can visit the musical instrument showrooms for more advices.

2. There is the learner asking about according to his studied music theory there are only 7 main notes that are: C, D, E, F, G, A, B. Why does a guitar have 6 strings, how can he play them?

Actually, 6 strings on guitar are 6 open strings, i.e. you can strum without pressing, respectively: E, A, D, G, B, and E, in the order from top to bottom (from the largest to smallest string).

So, how to press the rest of notes on your guitar?

  • Note C: Press the string no. 3 and block the string no. 5
  • Note E: Press the string no. 4 and block the string no. 2
  • Note F: Press the string no. 4 and block the string no. 3
  • Note A: Press the string no. 3 and block the string no. 2
  • Note C: Press the string no. 2 and block the string no.1

3. How many years old can people learn the guitar?

The guitar belongs to semi-classical musical instruments. Using the guitar to play classical music is so great but accompany singing is also very wonderful. A wooden guitar with a volume moderate and suitable to the volume of a usual voice will easily conquer the audiences. The guitar is the most common musical instrument because not only it is good but also the cost to buy this is not expensive like the piano or other musical instruments with similar sound quality.

When playing guitar, the guitarists have to press their fingers directly on the strings so it requests the guitar learners to have hands strong enough to learn. In common, children had better learn at 6-7 years old, if they are smaller, the fingers are weaker so they will be difficult to learn. There are types of small guitars for children to help those from 6 to 7 not to be too hard to hold the guitar exceeding their body. Guitar is the instrument that also has many adult participating in class and getting success. You should not let children learn too soon like other instruments, a child from 6 years old is best.

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